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PurePath is here to take the pain out of marketing and advertising relationships.

How It Works

Get Set Up

Create a free account, invite new sellers, and create ads in seconds.

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Our platform facilitates your entire ad campaign, from ad hosting, to negotiations and payments.

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Upload new creative, send adjusted ad offers, pause campaigns and create new partnerships at any time.

A New Era of Advertising Relationships!

Spend your advertising dollars more effectively than ever before! PurePath is a platform to bypass the hassles of conventional ad networks and marketing agreements. Now, you can directly negotiate with website owners, fostering a transparent and collaborative environment.

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Our platform gives you the freedom to adjust, cancel, or create new ad campaigns anytime. Experience a new level of control in advertising. Join us today and witness the future of ad buying.

Remove Administrative Headaches

Embrace the power of direct negotiation with our intuitive platform designed exclusively for ad buyers like you. No more jumping between tools and platforms. Our app is your single hub for ad management, hosting, and automated payments. Once your offer is approved, your ad goes live immediately.