Peer-to-Peer Advertising Network

PurePath enables ad buyers and website owners to easily create meaningful marketing relationships. Quickly create and manage every aspect of your ad campaigns in one place.

Everything You Need To Facilitate a Marketing Relationship

Stop being bogged down by the hassle of creating, managing, and tracking your marketing agreements. PurePath offers everything you need for effective advertising relationships.

Direct Marketing

Create ad campaigns directly between website owners and ad buyers

Customizable Pricing

Buyers and Sellers set their own agreed upon rate for ad space

User-friendly Interface

Simple and easy-to-use campaign dashboard

Automated Payments

Billing and admin work is automated within the platform

Streamlined Solution

Agreements, ads, and payments all in one place

Easy to Set Up

Start running ads on your website with a single copy & paste

How Can We Help You?

I'm an Ad Buyer

I use PurePath Network to create new marketing relationships by creating, purchasing, and placing ads on websites I choose.

Alex Veja

Loan Officer

I'm an Ad Seller

I use PurePath Network to monetize my website, and create new marketing relationships, by selling ad space to ad buyers.

Elizabeth Miller

Real Estate Agent